Nemesis Carnomorph Expansion



You already know how it feels to be chewed by an Intruder? Do you know the feeling of what it's like to run from a Night Stalker through a Mars base? Do you want to know what it's like to be ripped to pieces by a gruesome Carnomorph? You are in the right place. Carnomorphs is a Nemesis expansion which brings a new Alien Race to the game. This new Alien race has its own mechanics, new nightmare fuel monster miniatures, and a totally new game experience. Nemesis Carnomorphs contains 3x Flashbeasts, 8x Butcher, 8x Metagorgers, 8x Shamblers, 65+ Cards and 15+ other components. Aantal spelers: 1-5 Best with: 4 Tijd: 90-180 minuten Leeftijd: 12+ Taal: Engels Complexiteit: Boven gemiddeld Dicetower Judgement: - Legacy: Nee Cop: Ja